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Eversleeping 【by Xandria】once i travelled 7 seas to find my love | 我曾经旅行了7大洋寻找我的爱情
and once i sang 700 songs | 我曾经唱过700首歌
well,maybe i still have to walk 7000 miles | 好啊,也许我还要再走7000里
until i find the one that i belong | 直到我找到我的归属

i will rest my head side by side | 我会和我的他在夜里肩并肩
to the one that stays in the night | 把我的头靠在他的肩膀小憩
i will lose my breath in my last words of sorrow | 在最后的悲痛中我会泣不成声
and whatever comes will coom soon | 无论将面对什么
dying i will pray to the moon | 即使死去我也会向月亮祈祷
that there once will be a better tomorrow | 明天会是更好的一天

once i crossed 7 rivers to find my love | 我曾经跨越7条河去寻找我的爱情
and once,for 7 years,i forgot my name | 7年中,我忘记了自己的名字
well,if i have to i will die 7 deaths just to lie in the arms of my eversleeping aim | 好啊,如果必须的话,我会在我永远的臂弯中死7次

i dreamt last night that he came to me | 我昨夜梦见他来了
he said:”my love,why do you cry? | “他说:”亲爱的,你为什么哭?”
for now it won’t be long any more until in my cold grave we will lie. | 现在,不会从现在起将不会孤单 直到死亡

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PS:One day,night, a person alone silently enjoys that pure song over and over again, who can not help catching something what has been gone ……

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