The New Age Musicians

July 28th, 2007 | Tags: , | 2,364

20 era of the late 60th century. some German musicians will synthesizer sound into the concept they want performance or improvisation, This inspired many musicians use more diversified way to open up new areas, The period music itself with the new age music embryonic development.

By the 1970s, a group of artists in the unremitting efforts of the new century music can name, which they are neither popular, Also non-classical, experimental nature of musical styles named “New Age Instrument”. We moved her translation into the new century music, is a “epoch-making, the new age music.”

In the 1990s and the new age music has a more diverse style, not only appeared in the band orchestra portfolio have emerged as Enya, Sarah • Bulaiman the singer. The music has become an island, the owner of its wonderful new situation.

Today, the new age music has defined not just a simple distinction between music label, is a symbol of the times evolution the essence of the new century, the improved outlook reflects the representatives.

Now there has been a lot of the new age musicians, who has been warmly in a global context welcomed,Then list some as follows:

【England】Sarah Brightman ( 莎拉·布莱曼
【Ireland】Enya( 恩雅)、Secret Garden( 神秘园
【Switzerland】Bandari( 班得瑞
【Greece 】Yanni (雅尼
【Japan】Kitaro( 喜多郎)、 S.E.N.S. ( 神思者)、Himekami( 姬神)、Joe Hisaishi( 久石让

Indeed, there are many other famous musicians, only here I heard the familiar with the master list, if you can add, very welcome! Intended to give some Chinese musicians, but I do not know whether this kind of person exist in China, 女子十二乐坊?吕秀龄?雷光夏?林海? Maybe!

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